This is weird

Hip-hop has a long habit of strange collaborations - think Texas and the Wu-Tang Clan - but this might be the weirdest, and possibly the acest, yet. Justin Vernon, singer, songwriter and all-round main guy behind melancholy US folksters Bon Iver, has announced he's recorded several songs with Kanye West.

The pair recorded 'at least ten' songs in Hawaii earlier this year, according to Pitchfork. Rapper Rick Ross was also in on the sessions. Apparently it's not clear yet how many of the tracks will make Kanye's new album, due in November (and presumably to be titled Grad School or something). But one, 'Lost in the World', is rumoured to be the next single!

Speaking of which, you can see a bonkers promo for the current single, 'Power', over at Kanye's website now.

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