This Wasn’t It

Milking the cash cow or a genuine tribute to one of the greatest entertainers to ever grace a stage, the concert film ‘This Is It’ showing footage of Michael Jackson rehearsing for his never-were London 02 shows, has formed a lot of differing opinions, but it's now been revealed that sections of the performances shown in the movie were taken from older sound recordings.

‘Throughout the film sudden changes in vocal timbre suggest the dropping in of older recordings which may have required significant digital manipulation to fit the new live backing’ Andrew Rose, a former BBC studio manager told The Sun.

Rose specifically states that a version of ‘Billie Jean’ in the movie were ‘not that of a 50-year-old man’.

Jim Kennedy of Sony Pictures, the bods behind the quickly released film has also admitted that older recordings were used; ‘In order to fulfill Michaels vision for his fans and his children... the filmmakers had to incorporate some pre-existing materials, including vocals, where the rehearsal footage audio was incomplete and/or inaudible’.

More proof that Wacko was a pale imitation of his former self?

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