Thom Yorke needs YOU!

Want to be on the front cover of the new Radiohead album? Cemented into musical history, a real claim to fame to share with the grand kids? Of course you do! Well, we can’t promise anything (sadly) but Thom Yorke is asking for 2000 of us humanoids to take part in a staged photo shoot.

Scribbling on the Radiohead blog Radiohead.com/deadairspace the Yorkie said; ‘2,000 people who want to be part of a human King Canute [Viking king who ruled England from 1016–1035] type image facing the sea that is visible from space at 11am (GMT) next Saturday. The exact location of the meet-up is yet to be announced’.

It’s unknown if it is for the future album sleeve but band’s regular art man Stanley Donwood is also behind it. What do you reckon? Worth a Sunday?

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