Thom Yorke performs for Occupy protesters

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke played a secret show in support of the Occupy protest movement. The gig took place in the basement of a disused bank building In London.

Yorke, accompanied by 3D from Massive Attack, played a DJ set for around 100 protesters in the abandoned UBS building. The performers wanted to show support for the global movement.

Yorke joins artists like Lou Reed, Billy Bragg, Rage Against The Machine and Sonic Youth who have pledged support to the Occupy protesters, in the UK or USA. The website Occupymusicians.com has become a resource for arranging benefits and impromptu gigs in support of the protests.

Occupy spokesman Ronan McNern said: "Artists are doing this in solidarity with the Occupy movement. It's tremendous... and hopefully it will be the first of many concerts."

With the Occupy movement active in numerous towns and cities across the USA, the protesters hope that local bands and musicians will show solidarity with the cause, and arrange their own benefit shows.

According to The Guardian, the show was recorded and will be available to download from the Occupation Records website. Proceeds will be donated towards the Occupy movement. The City of London Corporation is attempting to remove the protest camp which has been outside St Paul’s since October.

Yorke has been an outspoken critic of politicians and major corporations throughout his career with Radiohead. The intimate show in the UBS office will be in marked contrast to the band’s 2012 tour of major arenas and festivals, announced recently.

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