Three injured in blaze at the home of One Direction's Liam Payne

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One Direction’s Liam Payne was reeling after a fire at his £2million flat left three of his friends being treated for burns in hospital after a patio heater exploded.

One of the injured suffered 20% burns to his hands and face after the accident at his penthouse in Canary Wharf while another man and a woman were said to have undergone treatment for superficial burns.

A source close to Liam said: “His friend went to fill up the gas for a heating lamp, there was some sort of accident and the whole balcony went up in flames.”

The fire destroyed 80% of Liam’s balcony and it took 35 firefighters to finally extinguish it as 30 people fled the building. The fire crews did however manage to tweet about the incident as six engines sped to the scene late on Monday.

Station Manager Laurie Kenny, who was at the scene said: “Firefighters worked quickly and professionally to get the fire under control as quickly as possible. About 30 people left the building before we arrived and were not injured.Two of the ¬occupants had superficial burns to their hands and the third had burns to his hands and face. All three have been taken to hospital.”

One neighbour described the events, saying “There were a lot of sirens, fire engines turned up, police turned up down below us. I looked over at the balcony and saw that they were running into the building. The sirens had been going on for a while before I took any notice of them. I went out to the corridor, heard people in the stairwell so I checked and there were firemen there. They said there was a fire but it was under control so there was nothing to worry about. They were there very quickly and got it under control.”

A security spokesman at the building said: “We contained a fire in an apartment and nothing else got damaged.”

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