Three Lions to be re-released

New Order’s ‘World In Motion’ or The Lightning Seeds and Baddiel & Skinner ‘Three Lions’? Whichever one you think is the bees knees, the fact is they are both awesome songs that stir up the emotion of what the World Cup is all about.

The latter was first released as a tie-in with ‘football coming home’ for the European Championship held in England in 1996. It quickly became the national anthem for Sir Tel and the team and was then reworked for the World Cup in France 2 years later. According to The Sun, the anthem has been recorded for the incoming South African World Cup with a selection of footie-loving celebs chipping in with various vocals. The first name confirmed to feature is none other than willy poker Russell Brand: ‘Russell is a massive football fan and has always liked the track so he thought, 'Why not?' reports the newspaper’s source.

Pet Shop Boys producer Trevor Horn is the talent in control of the egos.

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