Time to get serious

PJ Harvey is through with playing. The singer has judged that the time is now right to release songs about ‘things that really matter’.

The singer-songwriter reportedly spent two years writing lyrics for Let England Shake, her forthcoming record and follow-up to 2007's White Chalk and last year's collaboration with John Parish, A Woman a Man Walked By.

Harvey said: ‘I do feel at this stage of my life, it feels very important to give voice to the things that really matter. Things that I feel need to be said that aren't being said, and address the issues of the day.

‘I think that it's only now that I've been writing for this period of years that I feel I can begin to tackle these things with language.’

But the singer was quick to add that she did not expect the album to be ‘self-righteous’ or ‘dogmatic’.

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