Royal matchmaker

Landing the gig of a life-time for performing at the Royal Wedding was something that left Ellie Goulding more than a little 'starry eyed': with the eyes of thousands of dignitaries and socialites on you, it would have seemed like the lucky break of a lifetime for a young artist.

The Welsh singer owes the gig to rapper Tinie Tempah whom she claims introduced Prince William to her after they were watching her perform at Radio 1's Big Weekend last year, NME reveals.

Goulding elaborates:'He [Tinie] introduced me to Prince William last year at a festival because they were both watching my set from the side of the stage [...] William enjoyed the set so much that he kept me in mind for, obviously, last week,' she added.

With tribute tracks to The Wannadies and the Killers keeping the royal revellers on their feet until the early hours, Goulding has almost certainly made a few connections with exactly the right kind of people.

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