Tired of waiting

Legendary sixties outfit Crosby, Stills & Nash have split with their producer Rick Rubin after working with him for two years on an album of covers.

The group was reported to last year be a third of the way through the album, tipped to feature harmony-soaked CSN renditions of songs by the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.

But Rubin, the mastermind behind the acclaimed comeback albums of Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, will no longer be at the helm, and the group has parted ways with Columbia Records too.

A statement from the group reads: ‘We have amicably parted ways with both Rick Rubin and Columbia.’

Details behind the split were not forthcoming, though it’s rumoured that Nash, David Crosby and Stephen Stills had become tired of waiting for Rubin to complete other projects, such as Kid Rock's new album, and concentrate on them.

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