Titchy Stryder

If you've got any taste about you, then you like a little bit of that Grime stuff. We know that when we're on road, we like nothing better than to fire up some tunes and get down with the kids, what.

The latest Grime MC to rise up the charts is none other than pint-sized Tinchy Stryder, who is set to claim number one spot this week with the appropriately named 'Number 1'. But of course, the Sun can't be bothered to talk about the music, rather about his height, or lack of it. He's 5'1”, and we're not sure if that makes him taller or shorter than Gary Coleman.

'Tinchy is little by anyone’s standards,' said some no-mark. 'And when he plays live that becomes even more apparent. Move just a couple of rows back in a standing venue and most people only see a little bobbing head.

'It’s quite a delicate situation. Tinchy’s not precious about his height, but it seems a shame that so few people can get a decent view of him. The most popular solution so far seems to be employing some kind of raised platform.' Yeah, that'll make him feel good about himself.

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