Tom Jones, chicken thief

You’d be hard pressed to find somewhere that doesn’t like Tom Jones - that is, unless you’re the Welsh village of Fochriw who some 47 years ago banned the singer from returning after it was alleged he stole a chicken. Tom Jones, then named Tommy Scott, was yet to make it big in showbiz when he played a small club gig with his band The Senators at the village. Whilst the band were on stage, a fund-raising raffle was held with the first prize being a live chicken (this was back in the 60s remember and we are in Wales) but a fight broke out between revellers and when the dust settled said chicken had disappeared.

Len Davies, whose brother ran the club, suspects Tom Jones had taken the chicken. Jones was therefore banned from the village. Davies said of the incident: ‘there was a full house that night. I remember having to get there early to make sure I got a seat. It was packed and Tom was magnificent. But after the performance a melee broke out. My brother had bought this chicken but after the fight it had gone. Rumour had it that it was Tom Jones, but nobody really knows who took it.’

If you’re reading this Tom, then your luck is in. Len Davies went on to say: ‘I’m sure people would love to see him now and would be happy to buy him a pint in the club’.

The chicken was available for comment.

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