Too Posh to party

The title of the Spice Girls musical, Viva Forever! Is already looking a tad ironic as the middle-aged proponents of Girl Power (trademark) couldn’t even paper over their differences long enough for the after-show party.

Once again it was Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, who wasn’t part of the gang. While Geri, Emma and Mels B and C painted on a smile and headed for the party, Victoria caused a widening rift in camp Spice by refusing to attend. As with any pop star of a certain age, the search for decent schools for her boys took priority over a night of carousing.

The usual indiscreet "source" spilled to the Mirror. "Victoria was searching for UK schools for the boys during the day and told the others she would arrive later – but her and David’s families were in the theatre half an hour before." For some reason, the fact that she is married to the world’s most famous sportsman and has an unexpectedly successful fashion career of her own has made Victoria somewhat less than respectful of the slightly embarrassing girl group that gave her a break.

"It seems she doesn’t give a toss any more," the source continued, "so the girls decided enough was enough – if she doesn’t want in on Spice, then don’t bother showing up. The other four were angry at her. They don’t get why she’s not interested and why she insists on turning up to events when she’s only giving 30 per cent effort."

At the show, Victoria was conspicuously apart from her band-mates. More sympathetic friends suggested that she is a little stressed with the upheaval of the family’s imminent return to Europe, with David’s future still undecided.

It might also be an astute tactic to distance herself from the musical, written by Jennifer Saunders. Initial reviews have been less than enthusiastic about a show that seems to rely on a level of indulgent affection for the Spice Girls that simply doesn’t exist.

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