Top Of The Flops

Back in the 90’s we had a plethora of music telly shows to goggle at - Top Of The Pops, The White Room, The Word, TFI Friday, but because music shows notoriously aren’t ratings winners, execs have been reluctant to invest.

This is where the BBC should and have come in, with Later with Jools Holland being the sole prime candidate these days. Yes, there are more quality music docos on channels such as BBC Four but apart from Later... that’s it for music loving fans. Rumours have long been doing the rounds that Top Of The Pops may make a comeback but today that rumour was well and truly quashed.

BBC’s head of popular music (also Radio 1 boss) Andy Parfitt has confirmed that a new music telly programme is in development and it won’t be Top Of The Pops. Talking to the Guardian Parfitt said; ‘it would be great if we could get a new popular music-based programme with a new format, a new kind of offer that really worked for the audience. The work is on to try and find a format, but we are not trying to relaunch or reinvent Top Of The Pops. That is kind of a red herring. Should we be looking for a programme? Of course we should and we are.’

And no, you can’t count The X-Factor as a music programme.

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