Top Of The Frocks

Which artist would you say has the most iconic look in music history? What’s that? You don’t care? Well, it’s The Sex Pistols and their punk look, that’s who - spoilsport.

According to some people with a clipboard and lots of spare time on their hands, the 70s punk band came top of the frocks with the most votes. Also faring well were Michael Jackson and that white glove at 2, and *licks lips* Kylie Minogue and her hot pants at number 3. Over 2000 people took part in the survey - here's the top 10...

1. Sex Pistols - Punk
2. Michael Jackson - Solo glove
3. Madonna - Cone bra
4. ABBA - All white outfits
5. Kylie Minogue - Hot pants
6. Frank Sinatra - Smart suit
7. Geri Halliwell - Union Flag dress
8. Bay City Roller - Tartan
9. KISS - Black and white
10. Oasis - Parka jackets

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