Tour of Fortune

Seen any good gigs recently? I bet you have. And I bet the band started off with a couple of songs from their new album, then played a couple of old ones, then a cover, then half-an-hour of solid hits before sodding off?

That's what I thought. Go to enough gigs and the standard concert formula starts to feel a bit, well, formulaic.

So kudos to US hipster rockers Yo La Tengo for mixing things up a bit. The New Jersey band have announced their next tour will have a 'wheel of fortune' theme. At the start of each gig, they'll spin the wheel to determine what happens for the first half.

'Among the possibilities for each gig the group could perform only songs starting with the letter 's', take part in a Q&A session with music or even act out a classic sitcom,' the NME reports.

No word on whether this entertaining idea is coming to Europe... we'll have to see what fortune decides (see what we did there?).

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