Tragedy in Kilburn

While the entire rock world jumps up and down trying to save that tired old wreck, the 100 Club, something really sad is happening in the London gig scene. The Luminaire, the much-loved venue in Kilburn, is to close its doors in January.

Since it opened its doors in 2005, the tiny venue (a capacity of just 300) has been a launching point for the likes of Jamie T, BabyShambles and Bat For Lashes, the NME recalls. 'It just wasn't financially viable any more,' the venue's owners told the magazine.

The Luminaire - and the pub attached, the King's Head - will close after a final party at New Year's Eve. But the owners reckon they may reopen for a handful of farewell gigs in March. Still, between now and NYE there's a bunch of good gigs, so get yourself down there while you still can...

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