Tulisa defies the critics

Tulisa Contostavlos, the X Factor judge and N-Dubz singer, has been talking about the pressures of life in the spotlight. Since taking the job on Simon Cowell’s Saturday night talent show, Tulisa has been subjected to a stream of tabloid exposes, intrusive stories and gossip.

She realises that it goes with the territory. "If I could have the tabloids stop writing as much about me, and still get paid the same amount that I do, then I'd be quite happy," she told The Guardian. "But I suppose it comes with the other things. If I'm not being talked about, my records aren't going to be bought. I just wish they wouldn't lie as much."

It was an incident from her past that hurt the most. When an ex-boyfriend released a sex tape on the internet, Tulisa was devastated. "I slept on the bathroom floor for seven days. I just wouldn't go out of the house. Couldn't sleep. Didn't really want to eat anything. But I snapped out of it. I needed to have my tears and tantrums, my bad moods, and get myself into a state to come back out of it. And I literally just woke up one morning, as happy as Larry, put on my best dress, makeup, full hair: 'OK, I'm going out.'"

She issued a fierce response to the video, adopted a defiant attitude, and got on with her career. That career involves the release of her first solo single, Young, which is rather poppier than N-Dubz. "The music had to represent me," she says. "So even though it's got that urban edge, it's got an Ibiza edge too, because I'm an Ibiza baby."

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