Tulisa wants Kanye for next album

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Once an artist becomes an X Factor judge it usually means an end to their credibility as a performer, if they ever had any. Tulisa Contostavlos is trying to buck that trend though. The former N-Dubz singer wants to be taken seriously for her music career in addition to being able to tell useless hopefuls that they are flat and uninspiring.

To that end, she is hoping that Kanye West will produce her next album. Kanye, famously described as a "jackass" by President Obama, might not be dumb enough to agree. He might hesitate given that Tulisa's career appeared to be dead in the water by the end of 2012. Her solo LP The Female Boss stalled at number 35 in the charts despite all her X Factor exposure.

A gossipy source speaking to The Sun stopped short of admitting that Tulisa is desperate. Oh no, wait, they didn't. "Kanye could give her a hit, which is what she desperately needs," they said. "Look at what will.i.am did for Britney Spears recently." We'd rather not. "Tulisa is still one of the most famous women in the country and a lot of young girls look up to her - her fan base proves that. It's well within her grasp to turn it all around. All it takes is one hit."

The thought of a lot of young girls looking up to Tulisa (but not buying the records) is frankly depressing, but you have to feel sorry for the singer. After leaving N-Dubz she obviously thought she was going to be the British Beyonce or Rihanna, but that hasn't worked out for her. Perhaps her dubious taste in music is holding her back. She recently said that her favourite song ever was 'Smack My Bitch Up' by The Prodigy, suggesting her grasp of gender politics is as suspect as Rihanna's.

Meanwhile she hasn't ingratiated herself with the hip-hop establishment by suing will.i.am for a share of the royalties of 'Scream and Shout', claiming she wrote some of the song.

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