Turner still amazed at Olympics gig

Singer-songwriter Frank Turner was still in a daze after his surprise gig as a warm-up act for the London Olympics opening ceremony. Turner played three songs in the Olympic stadium, as the sheep and horses and cast of thousands assembled around him.

"It's on the list of weirdest gigs I've ever done," he told NME. "It was amazing, an honour and a privilege and all that sort of thing. It was a weird gig in the sense that there was no one directly in front of us. There were an awful lot of people there but they were very far away. Directly in front of us was a field with sheep and horses and people pretending to play cricket."

Turner owed the booking to the fact that ceremony director Danny Boyle is a big fan, in fact a "disarmingly genuine über-fan of what I do". Boyle’s involvement meant Turner agreed immediately when he was asked, rather than agonising about whether playing the show would be seen as "selling out". "If Danny had not been involved, I probably would have spent more time considering it. Danny Boyle is a legend. He's a famous auteur and a respected man and a great artist."

Turner had to keep his involvement a secret. "I think I did a pretty good job," he said. "Some people were leaking stuff after the dress rehearsals on Wednesday and Thursday because they had people in the stadium but I was keeping my lips tightly sealed. I mean, I told my mum, obviously."

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