Tween Gaga gets herself on the 'Tube

Lady Gaga has posted what she has called an ‘inaugural’ message on YouTube to thanks her legions of Twitter followers for keeping the faith with their favourite pop star. The new Queen of Pop, who has built up a huge fan base by keeping in touch by personally communicating with them via the social networking behemoth, tweeted: ‘An inaugural message (sent while changing backstage at The Monster Ball in Tacoma) from Tween Gaga’, and directed her fans to YouTube.

‘Hello world, this is Lady GaGa, Queen of Twitter,’ she says in the message, while waving a funky wand around. ‘I wanted to thank all my beautiful little monsters for following me. Thank you for beginning my reign as Twitter Queen.

‘May you always have soft cuticals while tweeting, may you never have carpal tunnel. I vow to never take part in online celebrity shenangians... And I vow to always tweet and tweet again.’ It’s pretty cool, and below, so check it out.

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