Twitter revenge for toddlers

There were tantrums in Teen-town recently, between a certain US pint-sized phenomenon called Justin Bieber and a Detroit teenager called Kevin Kristopik. The latter was trying to get hold of Bieber's mobile number illicitly, the Metro Online reveals.

The teen singing sensation decided to support one of his friends whose Twitter account was hacked in order to get Justin's mobile number, by resorting to the most depraved and indecent form of revenge we can think of: giving away the hacker's mobile number.

However, since Bieber has over 4.5 million followers on Twitter, one Kevin Kristopik, aka the hacker, was inundated with 'more than 10,000 text messages from Bieber fans, as well as phone calls' from obsessed teens thinking the number was actually Bieber's.

Those pesky kids! Hasn't anyone heard of parental controls for using the internet?

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