U2 booked for Glasto 2011

Hey! Wouldn’t it be amazing if the biggest band in the world (that's U2) headlined Glastonbury? They never do festivals - it would be like the best show on earth ever, man. Well, that was what Glasto chief Michael Eavis thought when he managed to coax the Irish band into playing this year’s 40th Anniversary festival.

Sadly for him though, Bono’s old age (he’s got a sore back) got the better of him, forcing the band to pull out at the last minute, and be replaced by everyone’s favourite simians, Gorillaz. But according to the Irish Post, U2 are looking likely to make a come back at Glastonbury, as soon as next year. The newspaper quote a mystery festival spokesperson as saying, ‘they've never played here before and we're very disappointed they can't perform, but they could well be back next year.’

So if this ‘mystery’ source is to be believed and other rumours are true, we can more than presume we know two out of the three headliners for Glasto 2011 already – U2 and Coldplay. Our money’s on Kylie for the final place – she’ll have a new album to plug, was meant to play before, but pulled put due to illness and it’s the perfect female pop addition.

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