U2 gig under threat following protest

The first Swedish date of U2's 360° world tour in Gothenberg has been put in doubt following a protest by residents in Ireland. The Irish rockers played the last of three dates in Dublin's Croke Park on Tuesday night only to be met this morning by a blockade of locals unhappy at the disruption caused.

As a result the trucks carrying U2's custom built stage missed the ferry to Sweden ahead of the band's show at the Ullevi Stadium on July 31. Tour manager Jake Berry spoke to the NME about the disruptions: "It affects it. We should all be not talking to you and be on a boat."

"It affects the tour schedule, read it whatever way you want. When all this went down last night we were definitely not prepared because the last thing we want to do is put trucks on a street which has the potential of causing an accident. So we were stopped in mid-stream as this was totally unannounced and different to what we agreed."

The protest was carried out by residents unhappy with Dublin City Council for granting planning permission for 44 hours of non-stop work to dismantle and load up U2's equipment ahead of the next leg of their tour which saw nearly 100 trucks driving through residential areas.

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