U2 have got no fans

Hands up who groans when they hear a characteristic Liam G soundbite? Hands up who then realises he's actually got a point? Well, the ex Oasis growler has given another corker of an interview, this time going for U2's jugular. Liam claims (and we're with him on this one) that he's never met a U2 fan. Most likely, says the motormouth Manc, U2 buy fans then shovel them into an arena every time they have a concert. Is Liam on to something?

'I have never seen a U2 fan. I have never seen anyone with a U2 shirt or been around someone's house that has a f---ing U2 record. Where do their fans f---ing come from? Where are they? I reckon they buy them. With all the money they've made, they just bought a load of people and every time they do a gig they get a shovel and pile them into their gigs to make them look good.'

So far so good. However, Liam then has a pop at U2 and Coldplay's dress sense and the theory falls flat: 'I can tell bands who've been styled a mile off. U2?. There's no way you bought that jacket is there, Bono? Coldplay, they're at it too.'

Mr G has been papped of late sporting leopard skin loafers, white jeans and slicked back Euro-don hair. Doh, and he was doing so well....

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