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It’s been impossible to turn a page, change a channel or click a web link without seeing some tittle tattle about Take That and their somewhat predictable reunion. Although the man-band have racked up un-paralleled media coverage in the past few weeks it’s failed to gain them a number one for their first proper comeback single ‘The Flood’.

According to the UK Charts last night (14 Nov), their new track (the first with all 5 members for 15 years) was kept off the top spot no thanks to Rihanna’s single ‘Only Girl (In The World)’ refusing to budge her booty. It also chart disappointment for the Royal British Legion’s poppy appeal single ‘2 Minute Silence’ which only managed to creep into the top 20 at number 20.

UK top 10 singles:
1. Rihanna 'Only Girl (In The World)'
2. Take That 'The Flood'
3. Katy Perry 'Firework'
4. McFly 'Shine A Light' (Feat Taio Cruz)
5. Alexis Jordan 'Happiness'
6. Mike Posner 'Cooler Than Me'
7. Cheryl Cole 'Promise This'
8. Bruno Mars 'Just The Way You Are (Amazing)'
9. Adele 'Make You Feel My Love'
10. Cee Lo Green 'Forget You'

UK top 10 albums:
1. Susan Boyle 'The Gift'
2. Bon Jovi 'Greatest Hits'
3. Cheryl Cole 'Messy Little Raindrops'
4. James Blunt 'Some Kind Of Trouble'
5. Michael Buble 'Crazy Love'
6. Kings Of Leon 'Come Around Sundown'
7. Rumer 'Seasons Of My Soul'
8. Rod Stewart 'Fly Me To The Moon'
9. Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream'
10. Cee Lo Green 'The Lady Killer'

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