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Just when we thought we were out, she pulled us back in: Adele has taken back number one spot in the UK album charts, in the brutal manner of an imperialist land grab. She’s saying to the rest of the pop world; this is my turf, beeyatches, and if you want to take it you’re going to have to fight very hard indeed. The soul singer’s debut album ‘19’ is still hanging around in third as well – how is this possible?

The singles chart is a terrible hive of flotsam this week, with those jokers LMFAO sitting at top spot with the execrable ‘Party Rock Anthem’. The one good news is that Wretch 32’s cracking collaboration with Example – Unorthodox – has flown in at number two. It’s always nice to see proper UK talent do some business, and let’s hope it continues.

Top 10 UK albums:
  1. Adele - '21'
  2. Foo Fighters - 'Wasting Light'
  3. Adele - '19'
  4. Jessie J - 'Who You Are'
  5. Rihanna - 'Loud'
  6. Cee Lo Green - 'The Lady Killer'
  7. Bruno Mars - 'Doo Wops & Hooligans'
  8. Katy B - 'On A Mission'
  9. Glee Cast - 'Glee The Music Vol 5'
  10. Chipmunk - 'Transition'
Top 10 UK singles:
  1. LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock - 'Party Rock Anthem'
  2. Wretch 32 feat. Example - 'Unorthodox'
  3. Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull - 'On The Floor'
  4. Tracy Chapman - 'Fast Car'
  5. Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi - 'Beautiful People'
  6. Snoop Dogg - 'Sweat (David Guetta Remix)'
  7. Katy Perry feat. Kanye West - 'ET'
  8. Black Eyed Peas - 'Just Can't Get Enough'
  9. Lady Gaga - 'Judas'
  10. Mann feat. 50 Cent - 'Buzzin'

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