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Hello everyone, it's time for the weekly round-up of the UK charts. Sorry it's a little bit later than it usually would be, but you can expect top quality service every day of the week, can you? Anyway, big news this week is that we've got two artists straight in at number one, with Ed Sheeran piling into the top spot like a ginger missile with his debut album '+', a weird title and no mistake. But a good album nonetheless. Somehow Adele is still in second place: who is still buying her album who hasn't got it already?

In the singles chart we have One Direction storming to number one with their debut single 'What Makes You Beautiful', the fastest selling record of the year so far. The X Factor graduates sold a whopping 153,000 copies , beating off the likes of Adele, Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars. Poor old sex kitten Pixie Lott is already falling down the table – booooo.

Top 10 UK singles
  1. (-) One Direction: 'What Makes You Beautiful'
  2. (2) Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera: 'Moves Like Jagger'
  3. (1) Pixie Lott: 'All About Tonight'
  4. (6) Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks: 'Heart Skips A Beat'
  5. (3) The Saturdays: 'All Fired Up'
  6. (5) Example: 'Stay Awake'
  7. (7) Calvin Harris: 'Feel So Close'
  8. (8) Christina Perri: 'Jar Of Hearts'
  9. (12) Will Young: 'Jealousy'
  10. (4) Leona Lewis ft. Avicii: 'Collide'
Top 10 UK Albums
  1. (-) Ed Sheeran: '+'
  2. (2) Adele: '21'
  3. (1) Example: 'Playing In The Shadows'
  4. (-) Laura Marling: 'A Creature I Don't Know'
  5. (3) Joe McElderry: 'Classic'
  6. (4) David Guetta: 'Nothing But The Beat'
  7. (5) Will Young: 'Echoes'
  8. (8) Adele: '19'
  9. (7) Red Hot Chili Peppers: 'I'm With You'
  10. (-) The Kooks: 'Junk Of The Heart'

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