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So we're back at Monday morning, the cycle of existence once again spurting us us out of the weekend's cosy, comforting and slightly damp embrace. You've all got hangovers and you hate the world. Oh, and that horrible, clammy bacon banjo that you wolfed down this morning is already starting to repeat on you. However it's not all bad; you also get to see the latest chart news, brought to you by yours truly. So what's happening out there in music land?

Well over-the-top proto-prog rockers Kasabian have slammed straight in at number one in the album charts with their mental record 'Velociraptor!', shoving fresh-faced Ed Sheeran off the top spot, while N-Dubz's main man Dappy has done the same in the singles charts. Thankfully appalling boyband One Direction are already sliding down the singles rankings, while old codger Tony Bennett proves there's still life in his ageing bones, popping up at number five with his Duets II album. There, now don't you feel much better for knowing all that?

Top 10 UK albums
  1. (-) Kasabian: 'Velociraptor!'
  2. (1) Ed Sheeran: '+'
  3. (2) Adele: '21'
  4. (5) Joe McElderry: 'Classic'
  5. (-) Tony Bennett: 'Duets II'
  6. (3) Example: 'Playing In The Shadows'
  7. (6) David Guetta: 'Nothing But The Beat'
  8. (7) Will Young: 'Echoes'
  9. (-) Christina Perri: 'Lovestrong'
  10. (8) Adele: '19'
Top 10 UK singles
  1. (-) Dappy: 'No Regrets'
  2. (2) Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera: 'Moves Like Jagger'
  3. (1) One Direction: 'What Makes You Beautiful'
  4. (-) Jason Derulo: 'It Girl'
  5. (-) James Morrison: 'I Won't Let You Go'
  6. (3) Pixie Lott: 'All About Tonight'
  7. (14) Ed Sheeran: 'The A Team'
  8. (4) Olly Murs ft. Rizzle Kicks: 'Heart Skips A Beat'
  9. (39) Damien Rice: 'Cannonball'
  10. (9) Will Young: 'Jealousy'

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