UK charts get grimey

It appears that the UK grime scene really is starting to break through to become a true, regular contender at the top of the British Top 40, with Roll Deep having their second number one single in a row with ‘Green Light’. It’s not a week light on big releases either, as the London crew had to battle a Eminem & Rihanna duet to take the prize.

Roll Deep had previously been number one back in April with Good Times, and with other recent big hits from the like of Tinie Tempah, Tynchey Stryder and Professor Green, it looks like the UK’s best MCs are starting to see the same kind of path to mainstream success that American hip-hop stars have enjoyed for the past two decades. Hooray for that.

  1. (-) Roll Deep: 'Green Light'
  2. (2) Eminem & Rihanna: 'Love The Way You Lie'
  3. (1) Flo Rida ft. David Guetta: 'Club Can't Handle Me'
  4. (4) Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup: 'We No Speak Americano'
  5. (5) Ne-Yo: 'Beautiful Monster'
  6. (6) Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars: 'Billionaire'
  7. (3) The Saturdays: 'Missing You'
  8. (7) B.o.B ft. Hayley Williams: 'Airplanes'
  9. (9) Eliza Doolittle: 'Pack Up'
  10. (8) The Wanted: 'All Time Low'

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