UK Charts Update

If Boyzone and Gorillaz released an album each at the same time you’d put your house (well someone else’s) on Damon Albarn’s 2D anime pipping the poor man’s Take That to the UK top spot. Well that’s exactly what happened yesterday. Er, except Boyzone were the triumphant ones.

Gorillaz’s long awaited (and superb) 3rd album ‘Plastic Beach’ was riding high at the top of the charts on Wednesday and was firm favourite to hold the title till the end of the week. But according to the Official Chart Company Boyzone’s ‘Brother’ outsold them by a few copies at the last minute.

The top ten UK albums are...
1. Boyzone: 'Brother'
2. Gorillaz: 'Plastic Beach'
3. Alicia Keys: 'The Element Of Freedom'
4. Amy MacDonald: 'A Curious Thing'
5. Lady GaGa: 'The Fame Monster'
6. Michael Bublé: 'Crazy Love'
7. Paolo Nutini: 'Sunny Side Up'
8. Florence and the Machine: 'Lungs'
9. 'Glee' Cast: 'Glee: The Music, Volume I'
10. Andrew Lloyd Webber: 'Love Never Dies'

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