UK goes in ARRRD

God bless UK pop music: surely we are the country that produces the most brilliantly inventive, creative stuff on the whole planet? This tiny island, bubbling with creativity and ideas – ah, doesn't it make you proud?

Anyway, Brit hit maker Labrinth says that he's turned down 'millions' of work offers from the USA, because he wants to keep it real here in Blighty. He's produced hits for Tinie Tempah and Professor Green, and has signed for SyCo as a solo artist, so it looks like he's going to keep stackjing the UK charts with top tunes for a while yet.

'America is a big part of this industry but the UK is where it's at,' he said. 'I've had millions of offers (from the States) but I've been busy working on my own album. It's amazing to see what the urban scene is doing over here. It's very cool and in at the moment. Tinie and Ed Sheeran are doing their thing. They are both great.

'You don't want to be a small fish in a big pond but the rewards are huge. I've seen Tinie go from UK to America and the numbers (on YouTube and sales) change instantly. I do want to go to America but it's very important people know where we are from.'

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