Um, we were wrong

Right, so after having our hopes put up by those dastardly tabloids that the Spice Girls were getting back together for a new album and tour (only without professional clothes horse Victoria Beckham) which would give us more opportunities to have a good ogle at the old girls. Yes, they’ve still got it.

However, Melanie Chisholm, AKA Mel C, AKA Sporty Spice, has stomped on all of our dreams by saying that there is no chance of the band getting back together, apart from when working on their new Viva Forever musical, which they won’t be starring in. Bah.

‘There's no chance of that happening,’ Chisholm said to the Daily Star. ‘Don't believe what you've read elsewhere, because I'm telling (you that) we have no plans to tour again. We all have our own projects going on and have families too so we couldn't find the time even if we wanted to.’

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