Unreleased Rolling Stones song

Before there was iTunes there was a place called a record shop. These havens were a mecca for pop music lovers who would go to buy the new single from bands like The Spice Girls and Robson & Jerome. Then came along the internet and these mythical hubs were resigned to the archives of musical heritage.

To harp back to the ‘good olde days’ Record Store Day was held throughout the UK on Saturday, encouraging humans to get off their arses, pop down to said shops and buy something called a cassette, CD or a ‘7 inch’ (it’s a music medium, you dirty monkey). To help publicize this day of nostalgia The Rolling Stones released a limited edition 7' single of a previously unreleased song. Plundered My Soul was first recorded as part of the Exile On Main Street sessions back in 1972 and all 1000 copies sold out at the weekend. Other bespoke limited edition tracks were:

Lily Allen - Back To The Start (limited edition vinyl) + The Beatles - Paperback Writer / Rain (7' vinyl) + Blur - Fool's Day (previously unreleased 7' vinyl) + The Flaming Lips - Dark Side Of The Moon (coloured vinyl with free CD) + Goldfrapp - Head First (cassette) + Jimi Hendrix - Live EP (7' vinyl) + MGMT - Siberian Breaks (coloured vinyl) + Pet Shop Boys - Love Life (previously unreleased 7' vinyl)

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