Up the (pay) bracket

Time to get misty-eyed with nostalgia as The Libertines are set to reunite again to play at Glastonbury this year, it has been claimed.

The rockers reformed last year for what they called a one-off London gig as well performing at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, for which they bagged a cool £1.2 million.

No slim pickings, and enough dough to convince the boys to milk that cash cow for all it’s worth. A source told The Sun: ‘Although there are no signs of new songs, the boys have realised that they can take a nice payday by playing each summer.

‘They bagged more than £1 million for Reading and Leeds in 2010 and, although they won't get as much for Glasto, it will still be a good earner.’

That it will be. And following last year's reunion, drummer Gary Powell said that he would mind recording some new music with his ex-bandmates Pete Doherty, Carl Barat and John Hassall. That sounds like wishful thinking.

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