Vampire Weekend 2: this time it's another album

Fey New York indie pop exponents Vampire Weekend have said that they have nearly finished with their second album. The band released their eponymous debut two years ago to mild acclaim (we love it, mind you, particularly for the summer months), and are now putting the finishing touches on the follow-up, fangs (geddit?) to their keyboard player-cum-producer Rostam Batmanglij.

‘I'm only successfully producing bands that I'm in, because I start changing everything,’ he hilariously remarked to the NME. ‘I think I've stepped it up as a producer and a songwriter on this album. I think all of us have on this album, and the fact that those are connected allows us to do more.

‘If we want to approach a song that had totally different sounds having a producer in the band allows us to mould that process in a unique way. With modern music the production and the songwriting are the same process, so to have everything within the band is an important part of what we do.’

No news on when it’s coming out of course, but set your anticipation watches to late autumn/early winter.

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