Vampire Weekend ‘Holiday’

If you feel the world bearing down on you and life just isn’t fair (or just like good music) then there isn’t any better drug your GP can prescribe to improve your disposition than getting your lug holes around a Vampire Weekend song.

Since the release of their frankly excellent self titled debut in 2008 they’ve been tagged as the coolest New York band of the moment, and rightly so. Their optimistic indie pop prays heavily on Paul Simon’s Graceland but in a pessimistic world of apparent doom and gloom it's just what we need these days.

Their 2nd long player ‘Contra’ was released in January and ‘Holiday’ is the 3rd single to be taken from it and a promo vid to accompany it has just been released. As well as their music being one part intriguing and six parts happy, they’re quickly gaining a deserved reputation for churning out imaginatively random videos. All we need to say is this one features the band dressed up as 17th century Aristocrats. Don’t believe us? Then press play below...

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