Van Halen ban Karl Pilkington's version of 'Jump'

We all know that some rock bands can be just a teensy bit precious about their material, and especially middle-aged American ones who see their music being ripped to shreds by comedians. Take Van Halen, for instance: their hair metal classic 'Jump' has been covered by dopey radio and TV legend Karl Pilkington, and they don't like it one bit.

Pilkington, who has been filming the next series of An Idiot Abroad – The Bucket List, performed his version of the track with an American chorus group while in the States, but David Lee Roth and the rest of the gang want his rendition barred from being shown on American television and the DVD – and they've been successful. Now that's just rubbish, if you ask us.

'Van Halen are trying to put a stop on it, because it is that bad,' said Ricky Gervais. 'But Sky have got a blanket agreement so we can put it out in England. But we can't put it out in America or on the DVD.'

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