Vanilla Nice

Going to Glastonbury? Disappointed by the acts announced so far? U2 and Stevie Wonder not enough for you? Then fear not because the legendary 'poor man’s Jedward'...Vanilla Ice has confirmed he's playing. Nice Nice Baby!!!

Of course with U2, Muse and Stevie Wonder already bagging the prestigious headliner slots Vanilla Ice (real name Chocolate Chip Ice) has been left somewhat in the cold, so has valiantly opted to play in one of the festie bars, on Thursday 24th June the day before the festival. What a hero.

If you haven’t managed to secure a red hot ticket to the 40th Anniversary of Glasto yet (maybe you’d prefer to watch England get knocked out in the 2nd round of the World Cup) then your last chance will be at 9am on April 11th from 0844 412 4635. Good luck people.

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