Viva Elvis

He may have been dead for years but its hasn’t stopped musical magicians managing to release a brand new Elvis Presley album to mark what would have been the leg-ends 75th birthday.

'Viva Elvis’ will see a collection of the King’s song revamped, reworked, remastered, you name it and be presented as a brand new album even though we’ve heard them all before and how they were meant to be heard. But the added twist is that Elvis’ himself on the record will have his vocals tweaked to make him sound like if he was still alive today.

Talking about the quirky idea the album’s producer Erich van Tourneau said; ‘we set out to evoke the soul and spirit of Elvis Presley while building a bridge between his music and future generations of fans’.

‘Viva Elvis’ will feature many of his classics including 'Burning Love', 'Suspicious Minds', 'Blue Suede Shoes' and 'It's Now or Never' and be in all good download stores in time for Christmas. Uh, huh!

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