Vu vus? Nae way!

Ignoring England’s pee-poor performance at The World Cup, the biggest talking point without a doubt has been the vuvulezas – the horn like instruments that sound like a swarm of giant killer bees engulfing the stadia. Though part of the South African football culture, nearly everyone is in agreement it’ll be nice to leave them behind once the tournament comes to an end. Well that’s what people are hoping.

Rumours have it that some money-making spark has purchased 20,000+ vuvulezas and intends off loading that at Premiership fixtures next season and forthcoming music festivals. T In The Park in Scotland have got wind of this and have decided to play it safe and impose a ban on all vuvulezas at this years festival.

T In The Park takes place on the World Cup final weekend (9-11 July) with headliner sets from Eminem, Jay-Z and Kasabian and today organisers emailed all ticket holders the news that they were 'not suitable for a music festival’.

Of course the Scots aren't one bit bitter about not qualifying for the World Cup. Of course not...

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