Want to hear Jacko’s new single?

He may have prematurely been whisked off this mortal coil more than a year ago, but the last 16 months have arguably been the busiest for Michael Jackson. Not only was there the world wide cinema release (and DVD) of his concert footage film ‘This Is It!’, the moonwalker now sits at the top of the richest dead celebs list of the 2010 - and the black and white juggernaut is showing no signs of a pit stop any day soon.

The latest Wacko news is that he’s set to release a posthumous album on 14th December with the obligatory single before that on 28th November. Little is known about what fans can expect to hear from the new/old material. That is until now - his website is streaming a clip of that first single.

Hold My Hand’ is a duet with Akon and you can hear it for yourself at here. Could there be a posthumous world tour to follow?

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