Warming up

The Libertines have confirmed that they will be playing a warm-up gig in London before their Reading and Leeds Festival appearances, with Carl Barat telling BBC Newsbeat that they will be performing at the Kentish Town Forum at some point between now and the festivals. Which is nice and organised of them, is it not?

‘It's always a bit last minute with The Libertines,’ said Barat. ‘If we did it any other way it wouldn't be The Libertines. We've got a bit of time blocked out. As I say it's a bit last minute - it always is. Of course we'll be able to do it and we'll be able to do it with aplomb.

‘Obviously, it's always nerve-wracking. But again that's all part of what it is to be in that band. Overall I'm excited, and that's starting to come through a lot more now. It started off as pure nerves. Now I'm starting to look forward to it.’

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