Watch out, downloaders!

Filthy illegal downloaders! Soon your criminal ways will come to an end (according to Ofcom)! Not only will you have your names stored on a list of naughty digital thieving scoundrels, they will give you a stern look too. So watch out, or, um, someone will say nasty things at you.

The new measure was announced yesterday as part of Ofcom’s proposed code of practice in the Digital Economy Act 2010, and will affect those pinching stuff through the largest Internet Service Providers: BT, Talk Talk, Virgin Media, Sky, Orange, O2 and Post Office. However if you’re thinking of switching to one not on the list, then be prepared to be annoyed when it’s added in the future.

How it works is thus: if you are caught and notified ‘infringing copyright’ – otherwise known as downloading films, music and porn – three times in a year you will be placed on the list by the ISP, the ones who have to compile them. Copyright holders like record companies could then ask for the data and use it to launch legal action against the terrible robbers.

Basically nothing is going to happen to any of you, as legal action against individual downloaders would be far too costly for them to pursue, and their main targets will be the likes of Pirate Bay – those who facilitate such callous disrespect for the music industry. Won’t somebody think of the A and R guy’s children?

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