We all live in a 3D Submarine

Some people reading this will have been lucky enough to have had Yellow Submarine as part of their childhood film diet. The psychedelic and at times terrifying cartoon was made in the 60s with the permission and backing of The Beatles, although they didn’t lend their voices to the project. Anyway, it’s very silly and full of terrible one-liners (mainly from Ringo), and it’ll make you shout ‘BLUE MEANIES’ a lot, so watch it as soon as you can so you’ll understand the rest of the story.

Right, for those who have seen it before, a 3d remake of the film is being made, and a potential cast has been announced according to Billboard. It makes for quite interesting reading too, with Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead as well as a few other bits of comic genius) playing Paul McCartney, Dean Lennox Kelly (Shameless) playing John Lennon, Adam Campbell playing Ringo Starr and Cary Elwes taking on George Harrison. There’s a slight chance that this might be quite good.

Robert Zemeckis of Back To The Future fame and who recently made a 3D version of A Christmas Carol will be helming the flick. He also wrote the screenplay. Whether the plot will be the same is unknown yet, but fingers crossed they won’t change too much.

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