We Are Scientists ‘Goal! England’

Hey! The World Cup is tomorrow! And England have qualified - no really, they have. Their first match is on Saturday and its against our ‘special friends’ the good 'ole US of A. On paper, this may look like a stroll in the park, but with the States being the only team in 2 years to beat favourites Spain (and, comfortably) it could so easily turn into a nightmare.

Anyway, no English World Cup is complete without a few cheesy footie anthems about ‘years of hurt’ and ‘playing for IN-GER-LAND’ but what has been missing until now, is another nation singing an England song. So, please put your hands together for American indie stalwarts We Are Scientists.

The notoriously dry trio have written and recorded ‘Goal! England’, an anthem for the England team. Bassist Chris Cain said: ‘people ask why we didn't record a football anthem for America. When you want to give your girlfriend a great gift, you give her something you know she wants, not something you want. We've never been huge football guys, but we're pretty big England guys, and we know her well enough to know she loves her a football anthem. So we made her one.’

‘Goal! England’ was only recorded last week and as well as being a shouty shouty take on the traditional footie song, it’s also causing a nice little bit of PR for their impending album ‘Barbara’. Oooo, us English are a cynical lot aren't we?

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