We Are The World 2010

With Simon Cowell and his showbiz chums’ Helping Haiti single (a cover of REM’s Everybody Hurts) getting its airing this week, musical aficionados on the other side of the pond have been busy recording their own charity song in aid of the Caribbean island.

Popstars, actors and apparently-they're-famous-in-America celebs lending their vocals on the single include Celine Dion, Rob Thomas, Gladys Knight, Keri Hilson, Nicole Scherzinger, Katharine McPhee, Robin Thicke, Randy Jackson, T-Pain, LL Cool J, Josh Groban, Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Jennifer Hudson, Akon, Jason Mraz, Wyclef Jean, Jennifer Hudson, Vince Vaughn and Kanye West.

Celine Dion told US Magazine about the reworking of Michael Jackson’s We Are The World: ‘we have a special responsibility to help needy people and this is part of our world and we're all gathering here together to support people in need and do whatever we can.’

LL Cool J added: ‘I think it's a wonderful cause and I'm very excited - I'm honored... to be a part of history and I hope it all goes well.’

The single is set to be available to download once super producer Quincy Jones has finished working his knob twiddling magic on it.

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