“We lacked human interaction”

When Gorillaz jumped at the chance to fill U2’s Glastonbury headlining boots this year, folk were in unison that the cartoon band could more than adequately live up to high expectations. Sadly for all involved though i.e. the crowd, it never quite worked out that way. According to reports on the evening what started off as a full crowd by the end of their set saw the numbers drop by a staggering two thirds.

Wheeling out the excuses to BBC Newsbeat Gorillaz main man Damon Albarn gave his reasons for the poor performance; ‘we were yet to change the dynamic entirely from the cartoon band acting purely as a film orchestra into something that had more of a human element to it. Basically, the difference between that and the next gig we did at Roskilde [Denmark] which was the same sized audience, same age demographic, was I just communicated with the audience more'.

Adding; ‘I introduced Bobby Womack, introduced Lou Reed, introduced anyone. I didn't take for granted that if these people were going to be at the front then there had to be some kind of human interaction.’

So, what Damon is basically trying to tell us is that 3D is better than 2D then.

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