We love Kathabian

What is it with your Spanish speakers and plodding British rock? First Lionel Messi reveals a passion for the now-defunct Britpop legends Oasis, then Liverpool and Spain striker Fernando Torres explains how he can’t get enough of Leicester proto-prog rockers Kasabian, and claims that they’re the ‘best British band since The Beatles’.

‘I read that Messi had discovered Oasis and was listening to them before World Cup matches, so I texted him to say that, while Oasis were good, Kasabian were the best British band since The Beatles.

‘He replied saying 'No chance!' So I texted back saying that I bet Kasabian take Spain further than Oasis do Argentina. I have already won that bet, but I'm now backing them to help Spain win the World Cup... for nearly a year now we have been playing Club Foot in the dressing room before every Spanish international.’

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