Weapon of Choice

Are you bored of hearing about which celeb had what for lunch on Twitter? You’re not? Good, because here’s another story about Twitter and a celebrity - only this one doesn't involve lunch.

Former Oasis lead growler Liam Gallagher isn’t adverse to the odd outburst on the social networking site having laid into Peter Kay post Brit Awards on there, calling him a ‘fat f**k’ and lead singer of The Enemy Tom Clarke a ‘little f**ker’. Talking to Oasis fansite live4ever he explained what he thinks Twitter is for: ‘I only use my Twitter as a weapon or to say thanks to people or if people are getting a bit fresh. Instead of waiting six months to do an interview, put them into place, do it on Twitter. All that 'I went for a poo the other day' or 'I'm scratching my a** watching Neighbours is ridiculous'.

Well, there you go, Liam speaks some wise words for. Sadly, we don’t know what he had for a lunch but we can hazard a guess; whatever he ate he had a ‘roll with it’.

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