We'll save you, Jedward

We’re not entirely sure what justification there is for anyone encouraging Jedward to make more music; every time their funny little quiffs pop up on telly we die a little bit inside. So we’re not exactly happy at a genuine pop treat that MGMT suggesting that they would like to perform their single ‘Kids’ with the brothers Grimes.

The band’s frontman Andrew VanWyngarden also said that he would be up for producing the pair’s next album, which would give them a hitherto unheard of level of credibility. Please, don’t do it.

‘We met them at a party,’ he told the NME. ‘They're big fans of 'Kids' and they want to do it with us. As we're American we don't know how people will perceive it.

‘Maybe we could produce their album as well. They remind me of ourselves when we were young, back when we were doing the whole karaoke thing at college.’

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